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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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It is very common for individuals to experience difficulty in their relationships. Parents and children frequently have trouble with communication and often there is disagreement over discipline. It is also quite common for spouses and partners to have serious and persistent areas of concern in their relationships. Relational problems also can arise between employer and employee, adult children and their parents, students and teachers, etc.

Stress can often be the result of exposure to difficult life events (e.g. relationships ending, divorce, problems with/ loss of a job, loss of a loved one, serious accidents, or being a victim of a violent attack or natural disaster). Significant stress can also be related to specific developmental events (e.g. going to school, leaving the parental home, getting married, becoming a parent, failing to obtain occupational goals, or retirement). These and other events make some feel that getting back to "normal life" is "impossible." For more information on dealing with stress please click on the following link:
information about stress

There are many reasons why people seek help. These reasons include the following:

Problems with mood are also common and can be characterized by some of the following symptoms: feeling depressed, diminished interest in everyday activities, social withdrawal, sleeping too much or sleeping too little, feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, eating too much or eating too little, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, and frequent thoughts of death or dying. Other symptoms related to mood problems include distinct periods of abnormally elevated, expansive or irritable mood. For more information on mood disorders please click on the following link:
information about depression 

Problems related to anxiety are very common and include symptoms such as restlessness, difficulty relaxing, problems sleeping, trouble concentrating, excessive worry and tension, distress related to social situations, and feelings of self-doubt. Anxiety problems can also cause physical symptoms including sweating, pounding heart, feelings of shortness of breath, and trembling. For more information on anxiety please click on the following link:
information about anxiety

There are reasons individuals enter into therapy other than trying to resolve a concern. Some people want to enhance their understanding of themselves and their relationships in order to maximize the joy and meaning in their lives.