-having difficulty with their mood (depression, bipolar disorder)          

- desiring help with personal or professional relationships

- feeling very worried or anxious        


Dr. Karen C. Tillman

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

- desiring to understand how their childhood experiences affect current functioning

- experiencing painful/confusing emotions

I see the following clients:


- suffering from low self-esteem

My philosophy:

Psychotherapy can be a highly effective tool for resolving any number of concerns, but the most precious gift that therapy can give is the development of inner resources which can be relied upon for a lifetime.

- having difficulty with their children/spouse

- wanting to improve their ability to cope with stress

Individuals seek my help for a variety of reasons. I have listed my clients' most frequently stated concerns below. For a more detailed explanation of these problems, please see the "reasons people seek help" page. Clients typically are:

- having difficulty adjusting to school/making friends

- feeling trapped in their job or are dealing with job loss

My approach:

My goal is to work with you in order to fully identify and understand your concerns. Once this is accomplished, we will continue to work together to determine the course of treatment which appears most appropriate for you. We will discuss various therapeutic approaches (e.g. cognitive-behavioral vs. psychodynamic) and decide on the approach (or combination of approaches) that both you and I feel will help you best to resolve your concerns. We will also set treatment goals and regularly assess our progress.

- having trouble expressing anger constructively

- struggling with life transitions (school changes, graduations, job changes, family change, death)

- feeling confused about negative/self defeating thoughts and behaviors

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